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The Truth Discovered About Why 70% of Women Never Reach An Orgasm It has now been discovered that  it should be just as easy for women to climax,  as it is for men... And today,  shocking research has revealed that female orgasm dysfunction is an actual condition  caused by a misalignment of the female anatomy due to our modern lifestyles. Cutting off blood flow, sensation and even causing hormonal imbalances. And now, thanks to this research, the 70% of us women no longer have to suffer in silence because in the next few minutes I will show you the  discreet 30 second upper body technique  that will restore your natural healthy alignment and  help you achieve a female orgasm easier and faster than ever before. You’re going to love how easy it is to increase your libido, energy levels and lust for life. And I’m so happy you’re here, because  this will change the outcome of female pleasure  for women of all ages for years to come. Hi, I’m Alex Miller! I am a fitness expert and women’s p